A Modern Fright


A modern fright

must be polite,

and never cause a wound.

A modern boo!

must be thought through,

and always auto-tuned.

A modern bat

should not attack

without a horror song.

A modern ghoul

would look a fool

without some make-up on.

A modern bone

must have its phone

when it lies on the ground.

A modern snake

demands milkshakes

before it slithers round.

A new elf sent

will carry scent

in case it passes gas.

A modern witch

has no broomstick,

but travels in first class.

A modern spook

should wear a suit

and have a lot of charm.

A modern scare

should never 'dare'

in case it comes to harm.

A modern grave

should have a shave

and always look pristine.

A modern child

should still run wild

because it's Halloween!

From 'Don't Trick Or Treat A Lion'

© George Stanworth 2017