1.  I have written a number of satirical poems including 'I

   Hope They Don't Tax All Big Noses', 'Helium Egos' and

   'Life Is Tough When You're Two And A Half'. 

2. In 1986 I was a mascot for Shrewsbury Town vs Fulham 

3. I have performed my poetry at numerous schools,

   libraries, community centres and pubs across the country.

   Some of these gigs have been at the Poetry Café, Covent

   Garden, and at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in Leith.

4. I have a BA (Hons) degree in English with Economics.

5. The cricketer Graeme Hick once mistook me for

    Worcestershire County Cricket mascot called Peter Pear.

6.  I used to DJ at the Arts and Theatre Club in Soho

     following on from comedy acts such as Norman Lovett

    (Red Dwarf) and Paul Foot.

7.  I used to work in Spain alongside the Britain's Got Talent 

     finalist Matt Edwards.

8.  I had an unsuccessful TV audition for Telly Addicts in

     the 1990s, but did have a successful one for the Sky One

     show 'Don't Stop Me Now. Unfortunately I had to pull out

     at the last moment due to a bad back.

9.   I sometimes forget to write an interesting fact at this


10.  I am a fan of most genres of music. Some of my

      favourite songwriters, performers, groups include The Pet

      Shop Boys, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, The Beautiful

      South, Burt Bacharach, New Order, Oasis, The Manic

      Street Preachers, U2, The Kinks, David Bowie, Kate Bush,

      ELO and Carole King.