Beautiful Love Poems by George Stanworth

Beautiful Love Poems

Ideal for Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

20 beautiful love poems to delight the one you love.

Poems include 'Like The Sunrise In The Spring', 'There Was A Day I Waved To Everyone I Never Knew', 'The Wonder Of My Life', 'I Want Your Love Forever',  and 'Just For You'


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Below is a sample poem from the book

Just For You

If I could write a musical

on someone that's so beautiful,

I'd base it all on you.

If I could draw a picture

with the most attractive mixture

of colours - I'd draw you.

I may not quite excel in these,

but I've romantic expertise,

so give this rhyme to you.

If I could dance like Bruno Mars,

and sing like him and other stars,

I'd dance and sing for you.

If I could turn all evil good,

and hop upon the moon I would.

I'd do it all for you.

I may not quite succeed in these,

but I've romantic expertise.

This poem's just for you! 

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