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Age Range: 4-10
30 Poems including
An Alien Took
My Christmas Tree
I Built A Robot Santa
The Snow-Knight
I Love You Mum
Mistletoe And Whine
Age Range: 2-5
32 Poems Including
Let's Do Letters
Flipperty Flopperty World
We Visited A Rainbow
Moo-Moo The Doodle
Age Range: 4-10
53 Poems including
Are We There Yet? 
I Think I Need A Wee-Wee
A Seagull Ate My Fish And Chips
Stop That Lollipop!
Age Range: 8-80
30 Poems including
The Welsh Wonder
The King Of The Crucible
The Rocket
What Would Taylor Have Done?
Shall I Compare Thee To A Snooker Break
Ideal For snooker lovers with a sense of humour
Ideal as a Secret Santa gift


Age Range: 16+
33 Lyrics including
Sunrise Touch
The Wonder Of My Life
Once Upon A Happy Date
Too Many Songs
Some Days Are Better Than Others
I Want Your Love Forever