Mistletoe And Whine

My Dad stood on some mistletoe,

whilst walking in bare feet.

He screamed and cursed, and screamed and cursed

some words I can't repeat!




There wasn't snow last Christmas.

I thought I'd been misled.

I couldn't throw some snowballs,

so threw some sprouts instead.

Santa's Socks


When Santa's done his work each year,

he wrestles off each shoe.

Last year it caused 3 elves to faint,

as his socks smelt just like poo!


If Christmas Was A Spaceship


If Christmas was a lesson

I'd say 'Hip Hip Hooray'!

and tell all of my teachers

to teach it every day.


If Christmas was a vegetable,

I'd eat it up for sure.

I'd tell my Mum and Dad each meal

to give me so much more.

If Christmas was my sister,

I'd always treat her right,

and never want to push her,

or tease to start a fight.

If Christmas was a spaceship,

I'd always want to go

to visit boring relatives

whose names I never know.

If Christmas was forever,

(Which I believe it should)

then I would never misbehave.

and promise to be good!

I Love You Mum


Mum, you are my candlelight,

my angel, and my Silent Night.

More precious than a gift of gold

who wraps me up when I am cold.


Mum, you are my Christmas Day,

my North Star, and my snow bouquet.

You are my joy, my verse, my rhyme,

who I love more each Christmas time.

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