Comedy Poetry Examples 

You Told Me That You Could Not Wait

You told me that you could not wait

 until we met up for our date.

 You'd have your wicked way 'til late.

 (You text my number by mistake!)

From 'A Floristry of Palpitations'

An ASBO For Some Was Never Enough

Clarkson loud music chundered around.

Alsatian's barking injured the sound.

Empties of Bailey's smashed on the ground.

An ASBO for some was never enough!

Random expletives yelled for effect;

stealing from family to pay off their debt.

Jeremy Kyle is soon to be met.

An ASBO for some was never enough!

You went off to Spain to help you calm down,

and extra tax credits were given by Brown.

You used them wisely defacing the town.

Two ASBO's for some was never enough!

From 'Your Sax Is On Fire'