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Don't Trick Or Treat A Lion

'Don't Trick Or Treat A Lion' is a collection of 30 Halloween poems suitable for children.


1.   Don't Trick Or Treat A Lion

2.  Witch In A Tree

3.  3AM

4.  Nonsense Spell

5.  Halloween Queen

6.  Scary Mum!

7.  Scary Dad!

8.  Horrible Halloween!

9.  The Pumpkin Rap

10.  A Modern Fright

11.   A Stink I Could Live With

12.  The Apple Bobbing Massacre

13.  A Poem For You To End

14.  Scare-dy Cat

15.  Dracula And Frankenstein

16.  Don't Trick Or Treat A Lion Bar

17.  Spooky Streets

18.  Torn Apart!

19.  The Pumpkin Invasion

20.  It!

21.   School Sucks!

22.  Zee The Zombie

23.  The Halloween Party

24.  A Spider With Very Big Fangs

25.  Stinky Old School!

26.  It's Halloween

27.  What Halloween Means To Me

28.  Don't Eat All The Cady

29.  Happy Halloween

30.  Candy Days

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Below is a sample poem from the book

School Sucks!
There once was a bat Queen called 'Jewel'
who loved to attack every school.
The teachers went thud
when she sucked all their blood.
The children all thought she was cool.