Sample Creative Workshop Itinerary


9:15                           General Introductions


9:30                           Creative Ice Breaker


9:45                           What is Creativity and How it Assists in the Workplace


10:15                         Jingle Exercise


10:45                         Coffee Break


11:00                         Jingle Exercise Presentations and Feedback


11:45                         Haiku/Limerick Exercise


12:15                         Lunch


13:15                         Haiku/Limerick Presentations and Feedback


13:45                         Drama Warm-Up


14:00                         Drama Exercise


14:45                         Drama Presentations


15:15                         Coffee Break


15:30                         Drama Presentations and Feedback


16:00                         Overview of What Has Been Achieved


16:15                         Singing Warm-Down Exercise


16:20                         Feedback Forms


16:30                         Finish

**This workshop is designed to make staff look at problems in more creative ways and assist them in working more in groups and as a team **

** Some of the above can be tailored for your requirements. We also have a drawing exercise which can replace the Haiku/Limerick exercise if necessary **

       Sample Wellness Workshop Itinerary


9:15                           General Introductions


9:30                           Wellness Ice Breaker


9:45                           What is Wellness?


10:00                         Mindfulness Group Exercise


10:30                         Mindfulness Exercise Feedback


11:00                         Coffee Break


11:20                         Mental Health and The Workplace


11:45                         Mental Health Roleplay


12:00                         Mental Health Roleplay Feedback


12:30                         Lunch


13:30                         Colour Therapy Theory


13:45                         Colour Therapy Exercises


14:45                         Coffee Break


15:00                        Colour Therapy Feedback


15:30                         How Wellness Benefits The Workplace


16:00                         Feedback Forms


16:15                         Finish