Snooker Poems

I am a big fan of snooker although I am a very poor player. These are some snooker poems I have written which will shortly be published in a collection of snooker poems.

There Once Was A Yellow Who Said

There once was a yellow who said

"I'm worth far much more than a red.

Please score me as four,

or even much more,

or else I'll be leaving instead!

 Snooker mage courtesy of Toa55 at 

               The Whirlwind

                     J    ubilant

                     I    nfluence

                    M   esmerising

                    M   illions

                    Y   early.

                   W  hirlwind

                    H  eights        

                     I   gnites

                    T   otal

                    E  ntertainment..

Where's The Cue Ball Going?

It's gone for a stroll

down the hole


Pocket Lane


I Potted A Long Red

I potted a long red and gave out a scream,

as it was the best shot that I'd ever seen.

Still needing 8 snookers, I thought this could mean

the start of a comeback. The best that there's been!

I needed to focus and not start to dream

as my best ever break was only sixteen.

I potted the black and gave out a scream

as I aimed for the green in the worst miss there's been!


  The Nugget


S  ix

    T  imes

         E  mbassy

    V  ictor

             E  xtroadaire.


D  J

   A  lso.

    V  ery

               I  nteresting -

             S  ometimes!

What Would Taylor Have Done?

I was losing 8-0 and having no fun.

I thought to myself what would Taylor have done?

I kissed the big trophy as if I had won.

I lost 18 nil to my 10 year old son.