An Ode To Soccer Saturday


Jeff Stelling

keeps telling

us Hartlepool rule,

whilst Thommo exclaims

there’s only one ‘Pool.


Le Tiss can’t believe

the free-kick that's been,

whilst Merse wants to curse

the passes he's seen,


Stelling keeps hoping that

Hartlepool score,

whilst Charlie and Merse

want an Emirates roar.


Will the Kop cheer?

Will a beach ball appear?

Are the Saints marching on?

The time’s nearly gone.


‘There’s been a red card.

The ref got it wrong?’

But will Chris Kamara

know what’s going on?


Charlie can hardly

be heard through the noise,

as there is a shout of  ‘Goal’

from the boys.


Drama, excitement,

nails being bitten.

Fans getting nervous all

across Britain.


Football’s not football

without shouting reports.

Saturday’s not Saturday without

the lads from Sky Sports!