The Chase


Bradley’s the driver

of this brilliant show,

steering each quizzer

as they gladly go

up against chasers

(but not those you drink);

the genius kind

who constantly think.

Wowing with knowledge

from battles to seas,

impressing us all

with their quiz expertise.


The chasers keep changing.

Who is it today?

Whoever it is

wants contestants to pay.


It could be Shaun Wallace

(who knows all the laws)

and has many nicknames

such as ‘Grumpy Jaws.’


There’s a governess, a vixen,

a doctor, a beast;

answering quick

so the gap can decrease.

Will they or won’t they

leave rivals bereft?

Sometimes they catch them

with one second left.


Whatever occurs,

my tea-time's been shaken,

by the show that I know

can’t be over-taken!