The Perils of Intergalactic Integration


Galloping galaxies spreading lies too,

brain cleanse their voters

to retain deposits;

appearing like igloos in Rio.

They make up new words

to woo their fanatics,

then promise no harm to 'Anti-them' planets,

and pledge what they cannot afford.

Minds photocopy and duplicate past,

disguising through waffle the actual vast

cost of it all whilst changing the speech

to moon bumping sleaze.

Like marathon day when numerous enter,

only the favourites will ever succeed.

Political baggers have odds length of death,

but none of this matters, and do not deter

hopeless parties like 'Martians Love Craters'

campaign and join in as certain time-wasters.

Although the galaxies integrate,

the electorate's conned from planet to space.

There's more selection for each voice -

A billion parties but still scant choice.