GS Workshops is one of the services provided by 'GS Progressive People Solutions' and was set up by husband and wife George and Carrie Stanworth in June 2017.

Why Us?



  •        has 12 years’ IT corporate head office experience

  •        has a diploma in Colour Therapy

  •        has a ‘Train the Trainer’ qualification

  •        has published numerous books of poetry

  •        has a MSc in Computing Science and a degree

             in English with Economics

  •        is easy-going, friendly, organised and professional



  •        is a music teacher specialising in children’s and adult’s vocal


  •        has a degree in Performing Arts,  specialising in music.

  •        performs regularly with bands and in a solo capacity.

  •        is friendly, creative, organised and professional






Our aim is to maximise an individual’s potential and
enhance team building in
order to benefit your business.

           Our Workshops Include


                Creativity in the Workplace

                    (Exploring drama, music and poetry)



                Wellness in the Workplace

                   (Mindfulness, Mental & Physical Health and    

                                   Colour Therapy)


                   Coping with the Modern Office 

               (Information overload, technical frustrations,

                                generic office issues)

                 Confidence in the Workplace

                (Building confidence, microphone exercise,

                   positive thinking. NB – This is currently a

                                 ½ day workshop)

Click here for sample workshop itineraries

Usual Prices


                 1 Day Workshops

            From £60 per person (Min 6)


                  1/2 Day Workshops

            From £40 per person (Min 6)


        *Discount Introductory Prices*

        (If booked between June 1st – July 31st 2017)


                          1 Day Workshops

                   From £40 per person (Min 6)


             1/2 Day Workshops

             From £30 per person (Min 6)