Bespoke Poetry - CV Writing - Lyric Writing

I provide a number of writing services, including bespoke poetry, CV writing and lyric writing

Bespoke Poetry

I have lots of experience writing bespoke poems for people's birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and christenings.

One of my many satisfied customers was Matthew Marshall, who said

"Thank you so much for the poem. It is fantastic"

Poems usually range from 8 lines to 20 lines. I can obviously be flexible to satisfy your requirements though.

Prices usually range from £10 - £50 depending upon how many lines are required, how much information is needed, and if the poem needs to be printed on a certain type of paper.

Please note that no frame is included with my work.

I will need at least 10 days notice for most poems. This could be less time for smaller poems though.

Please contact me on gs1975@hotmail.couk or on 07966664360 for further information

CV Writing

My primary expertise is in the arts or IT sectors as I have had extensive commercial experience in both of these fields. As well as being a writer I have had over 15 years commercial experience in data related roles, especially database administration. I have worked with numerous recruitment agencies, as well as being head hunted, and have worked for a lot of big high street chains such as 'Ladbrokes', 'TK Maxx' and 'Wetherspoons'. I have also had experience in the charity sector at organisations such as 'Shelter' as well as working in the pension sector at places such as 'Barnett Waddingham.'


In the arts I have worked for RJP Entertainments in Spain and have successfully pitched myself to get paid pub quiz work, Djing and poetry gigs.

I can help you shape and structure your CV as well as check it for spelling and grammar errors.

I can also help advise you on certain keywords recruitment consultants are looking for as well as HR departments.

Prices usually range from £10 - £45 depending on whether you require a quick proof-read of your CV, or whether you need assistance putting it together.

Please contact me on gs1975@hotmail.couk or on 07966664360 for further information

Lyric Writing

I am seeking commercial opportunities for my lyric writing skills.

I am particularly interested in writing new lyrics for bands, children's songs, films, TV shows and so forth.

I was a finalist in the 2014 'Lyrics Only' section of the UK Songwriting contest with my song lyric 'The Wonder Of My Life.'

I have not entered the competition since 2014 but I was also a 6 times semi-finalist between 2011 and 2014.

I have also been a previous runner-up in an American on-line lyrics contest called 'We Are' with my song 'The Hawaiian Blue Dress Girl'.

My other lyric experience was collaborating with a Brazilian on an Amazon musical concept he had. I wrote the lyrics and most of the screenplay but unfortunately we could not get the funding to get this off the ground.

Please contact me on gs1975@hotmail.couk or on 07966664360 if you have any interesting paid opportunities in this area.