"I love you more than breakfast"

(I said on our first date)

You thought that I said "Brexit",

and punched me in the face!

It wasn't like you had a view.

You didn't really care.

But every time you heard the word,

it made your nostrils flare.

The next time we heard Davis speak,

he mentioned "Brexit" twice.

You screamed and then karate chopped

your deluxe custard slice.

At other times you were quite shy,

friendly, mild and kind.

Our relationship grew stronger

as our hopes and dreams aligned.

We bought a flat together,

but couldn't watch the news,

and never bought a paper

in fear of Johnson's views.

The neighbours were confused at first,

as when they said the word,

you'd want to drop-kick something,

like an ornamental bird.

You rugby tackled Zimmer Frames,

and slid on every table.

It didn't matter if you heard

Corbyn, May or Cable.

Then one day you heard the word,

and didn't get upset.

You didn't want to kick a hedge,

or fight a football net.

The word no longer caused you,

to get annoyed and terse;

but then you heard Trump make a speech,

and you acted ten times worse!